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About GPTCoin
Let AI Boost Your Profits By 10 Times!
GPTCoin is jointly created by the Goldman Sachs Bank Group of the United States and Silicon Valley Valleywise GS. It is a decentralized financial platform based on blockchain technology with multiple digital signatures and consensus algorithns.
The core business is the provision of AI trading bots. The technical team at GPTCoin developed the AI Fox technology, which, when combined with ChatGPT’s Source Data Model Library, attains a perfect integration of AI quantification and financial services, maximizing capital flow efficiency and promoting the quick growth of the blockchain financial platform industry. It is the first AI intelligent banking platform in the US that pairs blockchain technology with conventional investment banking.
GPTCoin Global Market
Four Operation Centrers:
New York – Group Headquarters
Bangkok – Operations Center
London- Operations Center
Seoul- Operations Center
Four Operation Centrers:
New York – Group Headquarters
Bangkok – Operations Center
London- Operations Center
Seoul- Operations Center
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Global Employees
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Operations Centers
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National Markets
GPTCoin‘s Trading System

Intelligence neural network autonomous with deep learning capabilities.

The system is capable of generating various types and styles of text and engaging in fluent and meaningful conversations with humans. GPT-4 has multimodal capabilities which accepts inputs of text and images. It has shown superior human level performance in a number of professional and academic benchmark tests.

Archimedes Big Data System provides access to big data

GPTCoin analyzes current macroeconomic data and compares historical financial trading markets while accurately choosing trading strategies and trading within milliseconds. The system is based on artificial intelligence and combined with big data systems, deep mining, deep analysis, and deep learning.

GPTCoin‘s Core Technology
Fully Automated Quantitative Trading Platform Run on GPT4 Technology
AI Fox Robot System
Team Introduction
Stable, reliable, flexible and efficient, making cloud computing understand finance better
We’ve achieved some very exciting milestones so far. Join GPTCoin and use AI to help you magnify your income by 10 times!
2022 - 2023
  • Continuously improve the GPTCoin App over three iterations, fostering an active community and implementing impactful marketing strategies to reach 2 million core users. Introduce 16 quantitative trading indicators, with daily profit potential ranging from 2% to 10%.
  • Launch AI lending and attract institutional investments for stable investment growth
  • Obtain a $20 million seed round investment to strengthen development initiatives.
2022 - 2023
  • Develop an AI service platform with GPT-4 tech, integrating with leading exchanges such as OKX, Binance and others. Aiming to achieve 5M registered users.
  • Expand AI quantitative trading system to institutions, offer high-volume professional trading services. Forge partnerships for AI automation.
  • Localize and expand deposits with 6 banks, targeting 10%-25% annual return increase.
  • Provide 50 strategy tools on the platform, enabling users to achieve 5%-15% daily average returns.
  • Successfully secure $70M in Pre-A funding, establish 5 major operating centers in global financial hubs, including New York, London, Seoul, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Introduce 7 language versions, including Hindi and Russian, and integrate 125 specialized tools for 10x returns.
  • Establish “AI Financial Industry Alliance” for global partnerships in the digital financial market.
  • Foster strategic collaborations with 25 premier global banks managing assets exceeding $5 billion, positioning GPTCoin as an industry frontrunner and expanding revenue opportunities.
  • Pioneering the industry, developing the GPTCoin AI Super Chain, the world’s first AI-powered public chain. Deeply integrate AI technology into the chain’s underlying layer to enable AI governance, AI storage, and other AI applications, unleashing the full potential of AI computing power and laying the foundation for the advancement of the AI industry.
  • Successfully secure investments for GPTCoin Series A and Series B.
  • Launch AI cloud platform for automated trading across financial markets.
  • Expand into Europe, reaching over 15 million registered users with Spanish and Portuguese versions.
  • Initiate NASDAQ listing process, a milestone for GPTCoin’s growth and recognition.
  • Successfully list on the U.S. stock market, gaining global recognition.
  • Expand into 20 emerging markets, partnering with 50 local financial institutions.
  • Establish operational headquarters in 10 major financial centers worldwide.
  • Leverage AI to drive societal impact in education, healthcare, and the environment.
  • Collaborate with governments and institutions to ensure compliance and industry progress.
Intelligent Professional Blockchain AI Analysis Assistant
Intelligent Professional Blockchain AI Analysis Assistant
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GPTCoin’s robot service can be automatically track market dynamics, execute trading operations, and has a high degree of intelligence and risk control capabilities to help traders obtain higher yields.
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A Fully Automated Quantitative Trading Platform Run on GPT4 Technology
GPTCoin offers expert quantitative trading services for the cryptocurrency market by employing advanced algorithms for machine learning and natural language processing technology to build highly accurate prediction models and intelligent trading systems.
The AI Fox Robotic System
It’s capable of automatically adjusting trading parameters and strategies to produce an optimal investment portfolio. Through the use of GPT4 technology, GPTCoin is able to improve user experience and satisfaction by engaging in intelligent conversation and interaction with users, sharing knowledge and suggestions on market conditions, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and other aspects.
Nathan Lee
GPTCoin’s Chief Scientist
Mainly in charge of the algorithm design and optimization of GPTCoin. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, has conducted research in natural language processing and machine learning at the IBM Research Institute. He had published several highly regarded conference and journal papers, and is the owner of several patents. He led the development and implementation of several NLP projects and products while serving as Fourth Paradigm’s head of Natural Language Processing (NLP) prior joining GPTCoin.
Sean Murphy
GPTCoin’s Chief Data Engineer
Holds dual master’s degrees in Financial Mathematics and Electronic Engineering from Stanford University. He has worked as a quantitative analyst at Citadel LLC, a globally renowned quantitative hedge fund, specializing in intraday trading and statistical arbitrage. Sean has extensive experience in quantitative trading and investment research system development.
Theo Miller
GPTCoin’s Chief Product Manager
Theo’s primary responsibilities atGPTCoin are product planning and marketing. Theo had previouslyworked for Facebook as a product manager and in charge of product management for social networking and content recommendations, as well as feature design and user growth for products like Instagram and WhatsApp. Theo has an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Ethan Davis
GPTCoin’s Chief Data Scientist
An MIT graduate with a double degree in statistics and mathematics. Formerly a data scientist at Microsoft, he was responsible for data mining and analysis before joining GPTCoin. He has worked on data science and machine learning applications at Microsoft, contributing to projects such as the Bing search engine and Cortana intelligent assistant. Ethan is currently in charge of gathering and analyzing data for GPTCoin.