Valleywise GS and Goldman Sachs Group Jointly Launch GPTCoin to Establish An AI-Decentralized Financial Platform

Valleywise GS and Goldman Sachs Group Jointly Launch GPTCoin to Establish An AI-Decentralized Financial Platform

Washington, United States – May 27, 2023 —

Valleywise GS News: The Valleywise GS Group recently disclosed a significant partnership with Goldman Sachs to jointly develop GPTCoin. It will be the first AI-powered decentralized financial platform in the United States to incorporate both blockchain technology and traditional investment banking. The platform aims to offer customers secure, effective, and personalized financial solutions.

GPTCoin’s features and benefits

GPTCoin is a decentralized financial platform built on blockchain technology with multiple digital signatures and consensus algorithms. The core business of the platform is the incorporation of AI lending services and AI trading robots. It would utilize the Valleywise GS’ and Goldman Sachs’ extensive global financial network and influence to deliver personalized and secure financial solutions for global customers.

GPTCoin’s Partners and Development Prospects

Since its debut, GPTCoin has drawn considerable interest and recognition. GPTCoin has entered into a strategic cooperation with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange where the collaboration covers spot and contract trading among other services. The Binance platform and the AI Fox trading engine are combined in GPTCoin to create a comprehensive AI trading process that ranges from “investment advisor” to “strategy execution.” The objective of the platform is to offer digital currency investors access to professional AI investment tools and security systems.

Recently, GPTCoin and OKX came to a strategic partnership agreement that calls for trading on OKX and expanding the partnership to multiple levels. In the future, GPTCoin intends to join forces with more top-notch blockchain platforms to broaden the scope of its application scenarios. At the same time, GPTCoin will also continue to develop its technology and services to give customers more convenient and innovative financial experiences.

AI Fox Financial Trading Engine: It’s capable of comprehending and generating a wide range of trading strategies and analytical models, including financial analysis, trading strategies, investment recommendations, etc. When in use, the AI Fox and ChatGPT machine learning models will automatically perform big data analyses and generate the best trading strategy for clients based on their risk preferences, investment goals, and market conditions. They will execute trading orders in real-time to help customers increase returns and decrease risks. Also, the AI Fox technology won the 2022 National FinTech Forum Innovation Award.

The World’s First AI Lending Service: The technical team at GPTCoin has innovatively realized intelligent matching and cross-border placement of funds under the C2C model which can maximize the efficiency of fund flow by fusing the AI Fox and ChatGPT machine learning models with big data technology. Based on investors’ investment preferences and risk tolerance, the AI Lending Service will conduct real-time P2P lending and optimize the allocation of funds. It is capable of monitoring trends in global markets and assisting customers in obtaining more reliable and effective investment returns.

About Valleywise GS: It is a fintech research and development firm with headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA. The business, which was established in 2018, is devoted to the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology in the financial services sector. The company has successfully incubated and invested in more than 10 fintech startups including GPTCoin, and is at the forefront of the sector in terms of research and development capabilities and industry resources.

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